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Joni’s “This Day” Book Series
Joni’s first book was a classic case of a bad day leading to a good idea. Trying to deal with a serious illness in her family, a huge bill that meant getting loans on top of her loans, and a child who refused to wear socks despite freezing temperatures, Joni wondered if any one else was feeling so low. Surely not. But what were other women doing, feeling, and thinking on this very same day?

And so a book—and then a series—was born, out of self pity, curiosity, and a need to connect.

Introducing Water Cooler Diaries: Women across America Share Their Day at Work
The third book in the “This Day” series, Water Cooler Diaries (Da Capo Lifelong Books/Perseus Publishing, March 2008), lets you go behind-the-scenes with working women across the country (whether that work comes with a paycheck or not). From cubicle drama to multi-tasking moms; from career highs to bosses from hell, Water Cooler Diaries pays off big time in intimate details, laugh-out-loud truths, and a new kind of job satisfaction. A recent review in Publisher’s Weekly calls Water Cooler Diaries “both fascinating and eye-opening.”

Click here to visit the “This Day” website and read a press release about Water Cooler Diaries.

Water Cooler Diaries shares shelf space in the bookstores with the first two volumes of the “This Day” series: This Day in the Life, Diaries from Women across America (Random House/Three Rivers Press, 2006); and This Day: Diaries from American Women (Simon & Schuster/Beyond Words, 2004). In a starred review, Publishers Weekly wrote about This Day in the Life, “There is not one piece in this compilation that is not captivating.” People magazine concurred, “The ensemble resonates with drama, humor and pathos. This is one unremarkable day you'll wish could go on forever.”

"…both fascinating and eye-opening." Publishers Weekly

This Day 2

“… The ensemble is simultaneously mundane and captivating…it resonates with drama, humor and pathos. This is one unremarkable day you'll wish could go on forever.” PEOPLE Magazine, Jan. 2006

This Day 1
“Intensely entertaining … I highly recommend this book.” US Weekly magazine

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