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All writers have stories of how some teacher, workshop participant, friend, or spouse gave them commentary that undermined their confidence and their writing. This "toxic feedback" has tainted feedback's reputation as a whole, causing too many writers to avoid or mismanage this valuable resource.

In the first book to focus on this vital but delicate dynamic, Joni B. Cole applies first-person experience, real-life teaching examples, and her own unique ability to entertain while reaffirming the many merits of feedback. Cole shows writers how to use feedback to energize and inform their writing at every stage of the process. For feedback providers, she delivers insights into constructive criticism and the difference between being heard and being obnoxious. Finally, she offers advice to workshops and critique groups on how to thrive in this collective experience.

In addition, established writers including
Julia Alvarez, Khaled Hosseini, Ted Kooser, Gregory Maguire, Jodi Picoult, and others share their own feedback storiesfrom useful to inspiring to derangedunderscoring Cole's message that feedback plays a critical role in every writer's success.

Through a mixture of instruction, anecdotes, and moral support, Cole manages to detoxify the feedback process with humor and without laying blame, inspiring both sides of the interaction to make the most of this powerful resource.

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 "...Something inside writers makes them need to put words on the page, regardless of their boot-stomped egos. Writers may ignore or deny that need for years out of fear or good excuses or lame excuses, but the need remains, manifesting in a sense of excitement and agitation when an intriguing idea or character pops into their consciousness, whispering insistently, 'Write about me! Write about me! Wouldn’t I make a great story?!'"
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