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Toxic Feedback

Helping Writers Survive and Thrive

by Joni B. Cole

No more writer's block. No more writing in a vacuum. For aspiring authors of all levels, here is the key to writing more and writing better. Also a must-read for teachers, workshop peers, and anyone who wants to help writers thrive throughout the creative process.

"I can't imagine a better guide to [writing's] rewards and perils than this fine book."
- American Book Review [click to read entire review]

"Cole's writing sparkles with humor and honesty. She shows what works while celebrating growth she has seen. She shows that the power of positive feedback is amazing. Advice from eleven well-known authors reinforces the importance of using feedback being as a tool, not a mandate. Toxic Feedback makes me crave the kinds of responses that will expand my mind and make me productive."
- Writer Advice, 2009 [www.writeradvice.com/hooked.html]

"[Cole] reminds me of some of my favorite writing authorities; Natalie Goldberg, Annie Lamott and of course, Stephen King. And as these accomplished authors do, Cole actually imparts useful wisdom, not just on finding and understanding feedback, but on the general process of writing."
- Blogcritics.org

"Cole's book is certainly needed; the feedback process merits far more attention than it usual receives."
- The Writer magazine

"This book is so helpful, likable and even kind that it deserves two thumbs (and the rest of those typing fingers) up."
- Valley News, Lebanon, NH

"Strongly recommended for academic libraries and public libraries supporting writers."
Library Journal



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